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Fukagawa Winery Tokyo has successfully reached its 6th anniversary while creating various memories with everyone. thank you very much.
From now on, in order to deliver moving experiences to everyone through wine,
I would like to be a winery that continues to challenge new things.
6th anniversary events will be held this year. Please look forward to it♪

~History of Fukagawa Winery Tokyo~

June 2016    Fukagawa Winery Tokyo Open

The first release wine is Niagara Concord from Nagano Prefecture​
In addition to simply selling bottles, during the grape harvest season, we press grapes together with local customers and put them in tanks to start brewing. Fukagawa Winery Tokyo was born with the aim of being a place where you can learn about wine making while having fun.

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April 2018  Opening of sister winery “Osaka Airport Winery”

As part of the first renovation of the Osaka International Airport terminal, we have opened the world's first winery and wine bar inside the airport.
When you get off at the arrival gate of Osaka International Airport and look up at the arrival gate of Osaka International Airport, which has become a store in the food and beverage zone, you can see wine brewing tanks lined up through the glass on the 3rd floor. You can enjoy the wine brewed in

May 2018  Opened "Fukagawa Wine Garden" with a grape garden in front of Monzen-Nakacho Station!


Turning downtown Tokyo into a "town of wine"! With that in mind, we planted grape seedlings on the roof of the old Akafuda in front of Monzen-Nakacho Station and began growing Fukagawa-grown grapes. From the 2020 vintage, these grapes are starting to be used in small amounts. In the future, I would like to brew "made in Fukagawa" wine at Fukagawa Winery Tokyo.

December 2018   Research on the “Undersea Aging Verification Project” started jointly with Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology

It all started with a conversation between our president and a student from Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology who worked part-time at our restaurant. Is there a difference in taste between wine aged on land and wine aged in the sea? It would be interesting if we could scientifically analyze the wine aged in the sea to see if it really tastes better. The project started.


August 2020    Sister winery “Shibuya Winery Tokyo” opens

​ Shibuya Winery Tokyo, the third restaurant with an urban wine brewery, will open at MIYASHITA PARK, a new landmark in Shibuya. ​Over the counter, you can enjoy cooking while watching the scenery of the brewing tanks lined up.

June 2022    Thanks to you, Fukagawa Winery Tokyo is celebrating its 6th anniversary!!

Thanks to all of you, Fukagawa Winery Tokyo celebrated its 6th anniversary.
From the 6th year onward, we at Fukagawa Winery will continue to provide new value and stories to everyone through wine. Thank you for your continued support!

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