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The wine salvaged from a sunken ship was delicious!
Have you ever seen the news that
How does it taste better?
How is it different from wine aged on the ground?


" Let's make a special taste by submerging wine in the bottom of the sea "
So, the underwater aging wine project has begun.
Koto Ward's famous wine aged on the seabed,
So, will it lead to the revitalization of downtown Tokyo and Fukagawa?
The wine made in Tokyo is submerged in the sea of Tokyo.It
is Edomae wine !
Efforts to see if it can be used for maturation or lead to new ways to use the sea,
With the hope that it will lead to the revitalization of my hometown, Fukagawa,

Joint research with Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology started in 2018.


On December 24, 2020, we sedimented our 4th undersea aged wine.

This time it's "Cabernet Sauvignon from Nagano Prefecture".
After half a year of aging, what kind of changes in taste have occurred between the above-ground aging and the seabed aging? ​

The sunken wine will be recovered on June 3, 2021.

​We will sell the reclaimed wine together with the wine aged on the ground.

I think that you can feel the difference in taste, color, aroma and taste between aging in the sea and aging on the ground.

By all means, please enjoy it by making full use of your own five senses ♪

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