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We propose wines that meet the needs of everyone, such as "I want to choose carefully because it's a wine I drink every day" and "Wine I want to drink on a special day with someone special".

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​For celebrations and special days
to celebrate your birthday

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“I want to choose carefully because it is the wine I drink every day.”

Not only can you enjoy it with your daily meals, but you can also enjoy it with sweets while watching TV, with desserts, or just a quick drink before bed. Even if it is not a wine glass, it may be good to pour it into a cup and drink it. I would like to introduce such a wine.

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We will introduce the wines you want to drink with your loved ones on celebrations and special occasions.

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There are various ways to choose, such as those that will please those who are familiar with wine, and those that can be recommended for wine beginners. We will introduce a variety of wines that add a special touch to your birthday present. Of course, you can also use it as a gift for yourself.

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