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Shibuya Winery Tokyo collaboration Sunrockers' first original orange wine "SUN" will be sold!


Shibuya Winery Tokyo x Sunrockers Shibuya's first original wine Orange wine "SUN" will be on sale!

This is the first collaborative wine between the Shibuya-based professional basketball team "Sun Rockers Shibuya" and "Shibuya Winery Tokyo", which brews wine in Shibuya.

It will be an orange wine finished in a color reminiscent of Sun Rockers Shibuya. The wine has a fresh fruit flavor reminiscent of Japanese citrus fruits, a clean taste, but with a multi-layered umami and richness that will make you addicted to it. I was.

The product name "SUN" is taken from the sun (sun) = basketball ring, which is the origin of the name of Sun Rockers Shibuya, and is superimposed on a bright and energetic team like the sun. Also, when we think of wine, we usually think of red and white wine, but this time, we also included the color characteristics of orange wine in “SUN”.

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