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Symptoms, Causes and Treatment of Congestive Heart Failure in Dogs

If you are among those people who are facing some kind of psychological problems and are searching for a natural way to cope with your emotions, then you should ask your psychologist to recommend you an emotional support animal. Do you have any idea what an emotional support animal letter is? ESA is an animal, usually a dog or a cat that provides you mental peace and companionship.

The basic purpose of having an ESA is to treat your psychological issue and provide you therapeutical benefits. All of this will be possible if your ESA himself is healthy and active. Like you, your dog can also be attacked by diseases that can lead them to death e.g., congestive heart failure. You never know how long do dogs live when they are diagnosed with congestive heart failure disease.

Congestive heart failure is basically a health condition in which the heart becomes incapable of pumping sufficient blood to the body. This disease can affect either one or both sides of your dog’s heart. Since it is a deadly disease, you need to take your dog to the vet in case you observe anything unusual in your dog’s behavior.

Your ESA animal is prescribed to you either by your psychologist or by any other mental health professional. They provide you with an ESA Letter that differentiates your animal from service animals. To keep your dog by your side all the time, you can show your ESA letter at places where animals are prohibited to enter.

To help you with diagnosing congestive heart failure in your dog, I have listed below the symptoms of the disease followed by the causes and treatment.

Symptoms of Congestive heart failure disease

Your dog will be losing weight. He will become thin day by day because his body will not be taking enough blood from the heart. So, keep a check on your dog’s weight.

The second symptom is excessive coughing. If you observe, your dog is coughing more than usual, then it is a matter of concern for you. Observe your dog after his exercise session and before he goes to bed because these are the times, he will be having a coughing problem.

Your dog will get tired easily. Since your dog’s body will not be receiving an adequate amount of blood, he will not be able to stay active or energetic for more than a few hours.

Your dog’s belly can also get swollen if it gets filled with the fluid called ascites.

You cannot keep your dog away from you because your ESA works like a medicine for you. When you are around your esa letter for housing, you forget about all your worries.

Another symptom of congestive heart failure in your dog is fainting. Your dog can faint anytime because the blood vessels will be blocked, and his brain will not be receiving enough blood.

Causes of congestive heart failure.

There are several reasons behind developing this heart disease which include your dog’s diet, old age, infection, or an injury that might lead to heart failure. Another reason behind your dog’s disease can be the natural defect that means your dog might have been born with this disease. For more information regarding an ESA letter visit

Treatment of the disease

The treatment for curing congestive heart failure will be decided by the expert vet after conducting several tests such as ultrasounds, electrocardiogram, etc. But you can also manage your dog’s health by giving him additional supplements along with a healthy diet e.g., CBD oil for dogs is extremely helpful to keep their body in a healthy state.

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