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Terrier Breed's Personality Traits with Facts - 2022 Guide

Terrier breeds consist of sensible, independent and friendly dogs. They live just as family companions. They are high energy dogs, regular walk and play sessions can keep them healthy and active. This breed requires your time and affection because they cannot live alone in a home. They can easily get adjusted in the small apartments or big houses. They have the origin of Scotland where farmers used them for shelter and rescue. Terrier breed can be kept as an ESA, the proper guidelines regarding its care and maintenance can be found out from the ESA Letter. Before keeping a terrier as an ESA you must be aware of its personality and traits. Some of the features of the terrier breed are as follows:


Generally, the height of the male terrier stands at 10 inches with 14 pounds. The height of the female terrier stands at 9.5 inches with 13 pounds weight.


Terrier is a very friendly and passionate dog. He enjoys meeting with new people and seems happy and cheerful. Terrier breed consists of the alert, independent and tough dogs. Digging, barking and chasing are all his fun activities. Terriers chase every little animal whether it's a cat or a puppy. As soon he looks at a visitor, he announces it. He likes to be at home, move from one place to another and play with kids. He loves to be loved and hates being scolded.

If you have properly trained and socialized the terriers they are the dogs with the nice and soft temperament. Exposure to different people and the early socialization make him the loving and affectionate dog. An esa letter for housing can be used in the training and socialization of terriers.


Generally, the terrier is a healthy breed, but it is prone to different health conditions. It is not necessary that all terriers will face these health issues. But it is vital to be known of all medical conditions if you carry a terrier. Craniomandibular Osteopathy, Globoid Cell leukodystrophy, Hypothyroidism, Cryptorchidism, Patellar Luxation, and Portosystemic Liver Shunt are the common medical conditions which a terrier can face. If you find the symptom of any condition immediately take your dog to the clinic to get checked. This dog needs a regular checkup to remain healthy.


It is not difficult to take care of the terrier. Because of his small size, he can be kept in the apartment. A regular walk and play session will keep him healthy and active. Terriers have a stubborn streak which can be managed by the proper and early training. You need to be positive, kind and consistent while training him. All his behaviour depends upon the training which you provide to him. A quiet command should be the important basic of your terrier. Do not let him alone in the public places he will start chasing others. He can destroy any garden by digging so be with him wherever he goes. For more information, do visit visit


A terrier requires a 1 cup of highly qualified organic food which can be divided into two parts. Activity level, age, weight, height and metabolism determine the amount of food a terrier requires. A highly active dog will require more food as compared to the inactive one through emotional support animal letter. Quality of food also matters if it is highly nutritious; terries will require less amount of it. But if it is artificial food with a low level of calories the terrier will require more amount. You should maintain the body of the terrier by providing food two times a day rather than feeding all day. Regularly check the weight of your dog to avoid obesity.

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