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Some Important Emotional Support Animal Laws: Expert Guide - 2022

So, did you get yourself an ESA? Or are you planning on getting one? In any case, this is probably the best decision that you have ever made.

Really! I’m not kidding.

You will see for yourself how an ESA will improve your mood and make your day-to-day life so much better.

But if you have an ESA then you really need to know about the laws related to them.

Since emotional support animals are considered to be a special case, there are special laws that make living and traveling with them much easier. All you need is an esa letter and you will be considered qualified to own an ESA. Yes, that’s it.

There are two laws in particular that you need to know about.

Let me tell you all about them.

Law #1: The Fair Housing Act

So, what is this act? Basically, the Fair Housing Act is a Federal law that protects people who need emotional support from animals.

So, if your landlord does not allow animals in their apartments, they will have to make an exception for you because you have a medical condition.

The Department of Housing is responsible for the implementation of this law.

Here we provide you a guide to help you tackle this problem and find the apartment where you can be assured of living with your pet with no landlord or neighbors giving you any trouble if you have esa letter for housing for your pet issued by certified ESA letter providers.

Important Details to be Noted!

Number 1: Pet Policy

The Fact Housing Act does not consider an ESA to be a normal pet so any policy that is applied to normal pets cannot be considered for an ESA.

In most cases, this means that if a landlord does not allow normal pets, they will have to allow an ESA.

Number 2: Exceptions

There are some exceptions to this Act. Almost all types of housing come under this law but some smaller landlords are the exception.

Smaller buildings or family houses that are rented without an agent do not come under this law so in that case you will not be allowed to keep your ESA.

Number 3: ESA Behavior

The thing is you can’t just keep an animal with you if it is not well-behaved. Even if it is an ESA.

An ESA with aggressive behavior could cause harm to others living in the same building.

So, if an ESA is a threat then you can’t keep it. Sorry.

Number 4: Documentation

When you move into your apartment, you will need to provide a copy of your emotional support animal letter as proof that your animal is an ESA.

Other than that, your landlord can’t ask for more. Especially when it comes to your medical condition.

The law forbids your landlord from inquiring about your mental condition. Period.

Number 5: Your Privileges

Some of the privileges provided to you by the act are that your landlord can’t charge you for keeping an ESA. You will be allowed to keep your ESA free of cost.

Also, they can’t impose any restrictions of size, breed, or age on the ESA either. Whichever ESA you own will stay with you

free of charge.

Law #2: Air Carrier Access Act

This second law is also very important when it comes to ESA owners.

According to this Act, you can travel on an airplane with your ESA. Again, as an ESA is not considered a normal pet, an exception is made for them.

However, unlike the Fair Housing Act, the Air Carrier Access Act does not stop airlines from restricting traveler.

So, you will face a lot of hurdles when it comes to traveling.

Hurdle #1: Unusual Animals

In almost every airline, unusual animals are not allowed entry.

So, if your ESA is a snake, ferret, rodent, or a reptile then they restrict you from traveling with it.

These rules are in place for the majority of the airlines and the law does not stop them.

Hurdle #2: Size / Breed

The ESA that you travel with must be small in size. So small that it can fit in your lap or at your foot.

It should not block the aisle or take the space of others that are traveling with you.

Also, some airlines have started to block certain breeds of dogs.

Hurdle #3: Health

The health of your ESA is of the utmost importance. So, you need to check that before traveling.

If your ESA is ill or has an infection or diseases then it will obviously be barred from traveling.

Airlines may require emotional support dog letter to travel in airline with you.

Hurdle #4: Behavior

Much like the Fair Housing Act, this Act also requires that your ESA is well-behaved and not aggressive.

The reasoning is also the same. Any animal that posed a danger to others can’t be allowed aboard.

Other than that, you shouldn’t have a problem with your ESA.

Some Privileges!

However, you are allowed some privileges if your ESA is allowed to travel with you. The best one is that traveling with an

ESA requires no fees. That’s right.

You can travel with your ESA free of charge.

Also, if your ESA is a cat, a dog, or a miniature horse then there is no way it will be denied access.

Want an ESA Letter?

Because you will need it! You can easily get it online. I am afraid you won’t be getting an esa letter online but you can get one by paying a cheap fee. How does this work?

Well, a legit website gets you in touch with a licensed medical healthcare professional who accessed you.

Then the professional will decide if you need an ESA or not.

So, go find a legit website right now.

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